Lot Doms

Working Space 1

Working Space 1 is the first in a series of projects by Lot Doms, put together especially for this edition of M3Space. She went into isolation for 10 days in a bare warehouse. A stimuli-free environment where she was completely cut off from all everyday distractions for the entire duration.

Within the limitation of this space and time, her camera was given free reign. Day in and day out, driven by a minimalist soundtrack, Lot strived to achieve a trance which enabled her to execute photographic experiments in a single, stretched, organic movement. Hence the name “working space”: stressing the process of graphic research that’s motivated by an urge to apply maximum attention in order to produce minimalist photography.

Lot Doms lives and works in Antwerp. A 2009 graduate from Sint-Lukas with a Masters and photography.